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arrived in Paro late Saturday and had no access to wifi due to power outages in the area which continued until I left Bhutan returning to Thailand yesterday, off to Ayutthaya later today

the drive over Dochula pass took a few hours, and unfortunately again the weather really did not play its part, most of the time completely covered in clouds and raining really hard

as we left Punakha valley we visited the temple of Phallus and did some further sightseeing in the area exploring the villages and surrounding areas, even got a glimpse in little monks in training 😉

arriving in Paro we checked into Hotel Olathang which was build in 1974 and the oldest hotel in Bhutan (originally build for visitors to the Royal family and only converted into a commercial hotel in the late 80’s when Bhutan opened for tourism) – large parts of the country is still completely closed to tourism and the only way one’s allowed to visit Bhutan today is through booking through a government tour agent, being issued a visa with a very specific itinerary to areas you are allowed to visit and being accompanied by a full time dedicated tour guide and driver the entire time you in the country

the rest of the day was spend visiting the Paro fortress (Dzong) and the oldest monetary in Bhutan build in the 7th century

the next day was the planned visit to Tigers Nest! what an absolutely amazing experience to have visited the holiest of monasteries in Bhutan, the next post will be dedicated to ‘Paro Taktsang’

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