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Paro Taktsang ‘Tigers Nest’

we kicked off from the hotel at 8:00 Sunday morning and made our way to the base of the trail up to Tigers Nest

having met a few tourists whom have visited the site I was advised to start out early as the route becomes very busy and many local people visit the temple on weekends, with an average hike taking 2-3 hours…

we started the trek shortly after 8:30 with a few people already walking the route, some having opted to take pony rides up to the halfway rest stop and then further on foot for the remainder of the hike

setting out the mountains were completely covered in clouds so we were not sure what to expect once we got to the top

the hike was strenuous with a total distance of 5,8kms and 580m ascend to the top, with a final 400 steps down and another 300 steps up to reach the monestary  – we passed a few waterfalls, the nature and forests breathtaking – along the route prayer flags guiding the hikers

arriving at the entrance and the last ascend took us just over 1 hour, my guide Tashi told me it must be a record as he’s never accompanied another tourist completing the hike in under 2 hours 🙂

quickly changed into longs (one is not allowed to enter a monastery or Dzong with shorts and tee’s) and we explored the entire temple, including climbing down the cave into the actual ‘Tigers Nest’

would highly recommend a visit to this magical land, truly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited!!

One comment on “Paro Taktsang ‘Tigers Nest’

  1. Kaethe says:

    Wow. Beautiful!!!


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