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Dochula pass

very scenic drive leaving Thimpu towards Punakha passing another important fortress and an old village where Tibetan people have settle growing apples for export… (Tibet is only a 2 day hike from Paro, however no longer allowed due to Bhutan economic ties with India and Tibet with China)

unfortunately the weather did not play its part in crossing Dochula pass which meant it made it impossible to take scenic photo’s of the Himalayan mountain range visible from Bhutan – we spend some time exploring the area on the top of the pass which still had a very mystical feel to it ( probable because of the actual mist itself 🙂 )

the drive over the pass with the sheer cliff drop inches off the road and large trucks approaching from the front certainly not for the faint hearted, explains the prayer flags places all over the treacherous road, both in respect of their deities and for the souls whom have passed (red = fire / yellow = earth / green = fauna & flora / blue = water and water living creatures / white = divinity/spirit) – when noticing white only prayer flags then this represents prayers for those whom have passed

the scenery is truly breathtakingly beautiful with rice farms in the valleys and monasteries tucked away on the mountain cliffs as you drive along the pass (driver Sangay on the left and guide Tashi on the right)

stopped for lunch at a boutique hotel and ancient art craft shop before checking into the hotel in Punakha – now off exploring the rest of the area for the rest of the afternoon…

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