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Bhutan Paro to Thimpu

arrived in Bhutan Paro airport yesterday and was picked up by my guide Tashi & driver Sangay, from there we took an hours drive from Paro to Thimpu (capital of Bhutan), the nature and scenery something really hard to describe, magically beautiful, mountainous with many rivers, currently over 70% of the entire area covered in forests, and by government decree no less then 60% will remain untouched

Bhutan is a Kingdom country in the Himalayas covering an are of 38,394 square kilometers with a population of approximately 750,000 – its the only country in the world where wealth is measured in happiness – the main income generated by hydropower, followed by agriculture and tourism

another very interesting fact is that Bhutan declared the entire country smoke free, which means that you are only allowed to smoke is very specific designated smoking areas, even when traveling on road you are only allowed to smoke in specific areas along the route, something which perhaps a few other countries should consider šŸ™‚

once checked into the hotel we went for lunch at the Bhutanese Kitchen for some of the local delicacies (try chili cheese if you brave) and then went sight seeing to Bhuda point, Memorial Stupa, the local artifact/handicraft shops and local paper factory with ending the day with a visit to Tashi Choddzong – as its the beginning of spring many tress are blossoming and the rivers are flowing with crystal clear mountain water from the snow melting on the Himalayas, really breathtaking!!!

Tashi has also been introducing me to Buddhism and the various deities and iconographies which has been very educational and spiritually inspirational

we leaving Thimpu (2,350m above sea level) today and will be driving to Punakha (1,300m above sea level) over Dochula pass (3,150m above sea level) which will take roughly 3 hours by car, with many planned stops on the way, should be very eventful with some more beautiful scenic photo’s to follow in my next blog šŸ˜‰


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