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Chiangmai to Bhutan

left Chiangmai after 2 days walking the old town, monasteries and surrounding areas, and now en-route to Bhutan 🙂

yesterday certainly eventful starting out with renting a couple of scooters and assisting Nicoleta and Brishka getting to grips with the finer art of riding something which do not require you to pedal… Spiri and me had our hands full teaching throttle and brake control but fortunately both got the skill mastered fast and luckily no major incidents to report on (other than the odd occasion having to ‘heard cats’ back from the right hand side of the road to the left)

we did some exploring outside Chiangmai town and went to a waterpark aptly called ‘Grand Canyon’ with zip lines and high water jumps, with a depth around 90 meters for which we were forced to wear life jackets (the Swiss guy being super compliant, the Saffa and two Romanians, not so much…) – afterwards took a hike up to a nearby waterfall, not a good idea in the dry season, or wearing flip-flops!!

the last night in Chiangmai was spend going to a local eatery with an English gentleman by the name Lewis J F Clarke having spend over 5 years teaching English in Thailand – not many times do you come across such a well seasoned traveller, fluent in Thai and to add to his list of skills, an accomplishes author as well 😉


Lewis met Spiri whilst staying at their hostel close to Sibiu Romania a few years back and offered to show them around Chiangmai on their visit, and WOW were we in for one big surprise!!! picked up from our backpackers hostel, loaded into the back of a ‘red van’ cab and whisked away to another world… arriving at the venue we were all speechless, the variety and amount of food we were presented with was amazing, and for the final surprise, we had to cook it ourselves! out came the hot plates (resembling an upside down wok on red hot coals) to grill all meat dishes on top, and simmering hot water on the side to boil vegetables and fish… after a lengthy session and many returns to load up on fresh produce we all had to eventually throw in the towel (total cost baht 200 per person, with another baht ‘fine’ for leaving left overs… thats $6 per person!!!)

after conquering the local food market, or rather being conquered by the food we took a long walk through the night market and old town before retiring to bed…

we stayed at a backpackers hostel called the ‘Floating Boat’ inside the old town of Chiangmai, surrounded by small restaurants and other upmarket guest houses, definitely an area to be considered when visiting Chiangmai, depending on how adventurous you willing to be – left after saying goodbye to my new friends (them traveling further north and across to Laos) with the promise to visit them in Romania one day… (always knew I’d find a reason to go spectate Red Bull Romanians with my days of riding off-road a distant past…)


Tigers Nest, I’m on my way!

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